Silent Disco

Red Bull

Welcome to the Silent Disco! A unique club concept in a tent fit for a circus. But instead of lion tamers, fire-eaters, and tightrope dancers, the tent is filled with young people dancing, partying and having fun – in complete silence. The secret? Everyone present at the party, including the DJ, is wearing cordless headphones. This is Red Bull Silent Disco!

The campaign was launched with the help of a manual for how to communicate on the dance floor, a playful sign language adapted for the nightclub environment. It even showed you how to order drinks at the bar – so that guests wouldn’t need to take their headphones off. The manual was first spread through a viral instructional video on Youtube, and was also sampled at the festivals.

Through the on-going concept of Red Bull Silent Disco we add extra value to music festivals, and thereby cultivate and develop the brand on the music stage. With this activity we’ll reach and engage a younger target audience that breaths, lives and loves dance music.