We cannot fulfil all of your dreams.

Ikano Bank

It is finally time to present our first major campaign for Ikano Bank! The theme of the campaign is ”Dreams we cannot fulfil”.

Many banks promise to fulfil all of your dreams if only you sign up with them. Ikano Bank wants their customers to have a realistic view of what a bank can do for you. It cannot make your craziest fantasies come true. What it can do is to provide you with a decent loan or a savings account. Therefore, our first films for the bank show the kind of wild dreams people might have. And kindly remind them that it is not up to the bank to fulfil them. The bank can contributes with good bank services, and that is about it.

The campaign consists of films, print ads and banners, and our creative partners for the project were director Oskar Bård and still life photographer Alexander Crispin.