What are we?

Digital advertising agency? Communications agency? Web design agency? Advertising agency? PR firm? We still have not found the optimal word that defines what we are. The most recent wording that we like is “A relevance agency in a digital world”. So, let’s move on for now.

What do we do?

Here, emotion and context rule. Through emotional and contextual strategies and creative capacity, we awaken feelings that engage recipients and motivate them to take action. Together with our clients, we create fantastic jobs that make our clients heroes. In order to succeed, we have established a working culture where everyone, regardless of their role, is given the space to contribute to the creation of these fantastic jobs. There is no Creative Director or CEO telling you how to do your job. We work in teams with shared goals, where everyone is responsible for the result. Participation and cooperation – remember those words.

Why should people care?

This is a question we ask ourselves every day. It determines whether or not a job is released from this office. It does not matter if it is an app, a video, a post on Facebook or a TV format – whatever goes out from DBG should affect and engage people. Always.

DBG becomes part of Emakina Group


This day is historical for the agency. A great day. When you read this, DBG in fact becomes part of the Belgian agency Emakina Group, ranked as one of Europe’s top three independent full service digital network with around 800 employees. Along with Emakina Sweden, we now have more muscles and becomes even more digital. Now we are able to help our customers throughout the digital customer journey, and get direct access to platform development, back / front-end code, app developers, UX design, moving image, 3D and much, much more. We will also be able to act on Nordic and European basis. Please contact us if you are curious about our new offer and our new friends in the network. Last but not least, you may be wondering how to pronounce Emakina? Well, [Emaki: na].

Welcome Umeå Energi!


After a public procurement Doe Blomberg Gottberg becomes  Umeå Energis new communication agency. We are both proud and super happy of course. Agneta Filén, Marketing Manager at Umeå Energi, expresses her opinon in an article in Résumé.

– I´m happy to see such a height and quality of procurement where DBG in a tough competition excelled with both inspiring and clear communication. We are very satisfied with the result. Our focus is on rapid product and service development and together with DBG we want to create sincere and clear communication that will create great business.

Office Management to DBG


Office Management has chosen Doe Blomberg Gottberg, DBG, as their new communication agency. The assignment means an overall responsibility for communication and web, and the goal is to strengthen the brand in Scandinavia, where the company is leading in its field of IT and office solutions. Read more

Say hello to our new intern!


The Interactive Art Director Mikkel Jespersen from Hyper Island. He specializes in digital creative concepts, visual design and UX and will contribute to the creative digital communication and specialist knowledge of Doe Blomberg Gottberg. Welcome Mikkel!

Awards worth mentioning

2014, Årets Byrå, Guld – Regi
2013, Årets Byrå, Guld – Regi
2012, Årets Byrå, Brons – Regi
2011, Årets Byrå, Brons – Regi
2010, Sveriges Bästa Byrå, Silver – Resumé
2007, Sveriges Bästa Byrå, Guld – Resumé

Selection of experience as the lead agency

Aftonbladet nya media
Farsta Centrum
Min Stora Dag
Office Management
Red Bull
Stockholm Quality Outlet
Telge Energi
Umeå Energi